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Shandong Gold Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yulon great thinker and educator Confucius hometown - Qufu, Shandong Province, the company is located in Qufu Economic Development Zone, 7 km away from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway station, Beijing-Fuzhou entrance two kilometers, and convenient transportation. Yulon is from Shandong Mining Group Co., Ltd. (the company's total assets of 3 billion yuan, more than 5,000 employees) venture with a registered capital of 80 million. In casting and finishing production of automotive automatic gearbox, body and torque converter housing, aluminum engine block and other key components, experience-based enterprises. 
    Total company plans a total investment of 5 million, plans to form a production capacity of 600,000 sets of automatic transmission casing, body, shell and 200,000 sets of cylinder and other large-scale precision die casting, reaching an annual output of automotive aluminum alloy precision castings 30,000 tons. 
    The company now has 200,000 with a large die-casting aluminum die casting and precision machining capacity. Has successfully developed Geely 6AT, Beiqi power CVT, Shengrui drive 8AT key customers such as automatic transmission aluminum components. Companies rely on modern management tools, high-level research and development team, a leading casting and machining equipment, as well as first-class workforce, the rapid growth of outstanding enterprises automotive automatic transmission industry.


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